Race Committee Flags

The Burgee Shoppe offers all the flags and shapes for yacht racing.  
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    Race Committee  
Size Price Size Price*
12" x 18" 29.00 2 1/2' x 4' 60.00
16" x 24" 34.00 3' x 5' 75.00
20" x 30" 39.00 4' x 6' 100.00
24" x 36" 49.00 5' x 7 1/2


Shipping is $9, Handling fee is $15 per order


Course Flags
Port-Red, Starboard-Green, Starting Line-Orange, DSQ-black
Match Racing Flags-yellow and blue
Size Price Size Price*
12" x 12" 15.00 2' x 3' 39.00
12" x 18" 19.00 3' x 3' 49.00
2' x 2' 29.00 3' x 5' 59.00
Shipping is $9, Handling fee is $15 per order


Starting Class Flags
We make Starting Class Flags
See our Signal Code Flag page for more Flags

Each flag is American made, out of high quality UV resistant nylon or polyester and stitched with extra strong UV resistant thread.  There are two brass grommets along the polypropylene heading for attachment.  These flags are designed to withstand a marine environment and are by far the highest quality flags on the market today.  Any seamstress can make a flag, but our years of experience making burgees make us the number 1 supplier of Race Committee Flags.

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