About Burgee Shoppe

The Burgee Shoppe is a burgee brokerage that offers low prices for yacht club burgees, flags, insignia, and boating hardware.  The burgee Shoppe is the original online source for burgees since 1999 and they know the burgee industry inside out.  As a burgee broker, we know the best burgee manufacturers in America and obtain the best pricing.  When you employ us as your agent, we work for you to get you the highest quality and lowest price available in the industry.

The Burgee Shoppe started as a hobby in 1998 when Herb Halling, a long time yacht club member and two time National Champion sailboat racer was interested in learning web design.  Herb thought starting a page displaying yacht club burgees would be a good learning exercise.  He thought it would contain about 100 burgees.  Well by the time he was done he had collected over 5000 burgees and everyone was talking about Burgees.com.  It was so popular, clubs starting asking Herb where they can have burgees made.  Which at that time he knew nothing about making burgees.  Eventually a burgee maker contacted him and he started selling their burgees.  Herb learned most there was to learn about making burgees and unfortunately that arrangement went sour and Herb needed to find a different burgee supplier. Things evolved and Herb was soon working with several suppliers including suppliers in both America and China. Today all our burgees are made in America because the quality and technology is is far superior to any made in China.  Herb learned training people over seas was a surprising difficult and time consuming challenge, along with there limitations on their ability to understand what we needed  Today we get a far better quality burgee from American manufacturers and all our burgees are made exclusively by American suppliers using fabric from American textiles.  Made in America lives on.

The Burgee Shoppe was the first burgee broker in the industry and today they are the first to bring you our burgee warehousing program where we maintain an inventory of your burgees and ship them to your members within a couple of days.  They can order burgees from anywhere in the world, enabling them to exchange reciprocal buagees with other clubs while traveling.  Take a look at our warehousing program to see if it is something that meets your needs.


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