Burgee Brokerage and Warehousing Program

With today's advancements in technology and warehousing, the Burgee Shoppe is modernizing the burgee industry by offering yacht and sailing clubs a program where the Burgee Shoppe will negotiate with burgee fabricators and obtain the best pricing in the industry.  Then the Burgee Shoppe will maintain an inventory of your burgee and ship to your members as needed.

The Burgee Shoppe will set up a web page (Sample) where your members can find a link on your website to order burgees anytime, 24/7.  And in most cases the burgee will be shipped the next business day with free shipping.  Your club web site will need to have a link showing your members where to the order a burgee.  If you want, you can structure your web page so you can control who has access to the order page and who can order a burgee.  The order page will be blocked from search engines if you elect to control who can purchase burgees.

In most cases the cost of the burgee will be $29.95 including free shipping.  More difficult burgee designs (i.e. read right or silkscreened burgees) may be more expensive.  Most burgees are appliquéd where the logo is cut out with a laser cutter and sewn on both sides with the same stitch.  International shipments may be billed for additional postage.

Our burgees come with a lifetime warrantee against defective workmanship AND wind damage.


Inventory of burgees available to all your members 24/7.

No inventory risks or hassles for the club.

Eliminate the risk of disappearing inventory with no accountability.

No investment from club, burgees are paid for by member upon ordering.

Low prices with no handling or shipping charges - FREE SHIPPING.

Burgees are the highest quality available in the industry.

No artwork or tooling fee if artwork is on file from prior orders.

Payments are handled by our online secure shopping cart.

Lifetime guarantee against defective or wind worn burgees.

Simplifies your burgee exchange program with reciprocal clubs.

Your burgees will be made by the largest burgee manufacturer in America.


To enroll in our warehousing and shipping program print and submit this application.


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